When People look at my pictures 

I want them to feel the way they do 

when they want to read a line of poem twice

- Robert Frank -


Mike a photographer at home equally in the studio as on location, has over a 25 year career found  himself, one moment chasing luxury motor yachts whilst  hanging off the skids of a helicopter, the next contemplating green screen lighting for the Teletubbies.

Having divided his career between Australia & the UK, his breadth of experience has created an incredibly rounded shooter, from Surf Culture to Period Drama's, with a good dose of all things commercial in between. 


Mike's remit is the provision of quality images with a comprehensive knowledge of 'Brand' and the  delivery of flexible assets required for an ever evolving market place.

He understands the need for efficient production, shoots often demand the provision of still & motion assets. 

Lighting and scheduling to accomplish both are now part of the working week. His pace at work is relentless with a quest to over deliver image options, all of this accomplished with clear communication, respect and positivity. 

Work with Me

When not 'chimping' on a screen, I divide my time between collecting bikes, complaining about coffee, lost baggage & trying not to drown at my home break in Cornwall. 

I would be delighted to discuss your image making needs, so please use my contact form and lets work together on something wonderful.

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